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Growing up..

The past eighteen months has been an amazing experience. Our son is growing and learning more every day. He walks everywhere now and manages to get into trouble a lot. He loves the farm, mostly the tractors. We have spent a good portion of the last month riding with Caleb’s Daddy on the planter and sprayer.


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It’s summer!





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Same road. Different Me.

It’s an odd feeling for me to drive down the road where I lived for almost 16 years, until I got married. Two years ago it was the only home I could imagine and now it seems a dim memory. Some of the road is the same; the fields are planted, there is still some old rusty junk in the woods that are left, the turkey farm still smells, and the houses are all still there. I remember getting stuck when it had rained hard one day, it’s just an old dirt road. Not very different than where I live now. I traded one middle of the now where home for another. I live in the same town I always have. I’m the one that’s different, these two years have changed me. Now when I drive down that road I smile at the baby trying to talk in my back seat. Before I was mainly a passenger when I drove down that road more than likely in the back seat. My worried were grades, gossip, and boyfriend drama. Now my worried vary between how we are going to get the bills changed to who can my husband we trust to watch our little one. The past two years has changed me more than any other.

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My boy is beautiful.

There is nothing I love hearing more than my sons squeals of delight. He’s learned to sit up all by himself, and how to walk holding onto our hands. Of course no one does it as good as Daddy!


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My life seems filled with projects these days. One of my very good friends is getting married in a couple of weeks and many of the projects are for her. I have my own projects I’ve started and may never get into. I learned how to crochet but may never do it again because I lack the time. My scrapbooks are the only thing that does get done. This blog was kinda a project but ever since our computer broke its been hard to write. Getting the house clean, dishes done, laundry done, ect. are the huge projects in my life and they too seem like they’ll never be done. My now 7 month old loves to be played with and have attention and its hard to resist those little arms reaching for me. He’s growing so so fast. Well today’s another day I’m sure maybe I’ll accomplish something.

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This is one of my husbands drawings, it’s not finished yet but I love what he’s done so far.

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